IN AFRICA PhD Seminars 2014

AFRICA PhD Seminars, @ LCHES, 1 pm

Thursday30th October 2014 Fran_1 Frances Rivera

How thick-headed are we? A computed tomography approach to cranial vault thickness variation in modern humans

Monday4rd November 2014 Herman_2 Herman Muwonge

Report on the preliminary reconnaissance survey in the Albertine Rift, Uganda

Monday10th November 2014 PG_4 Peter Griffith

Late Quaternary vegetation reconstructions from the Nakuru-Naivasha and Turkana Basins, Kenya. Preliminary studies

Wednesday19th November 2014 Joe_2 Joe Jeffery

Fisher-foraging sedentism: implications for life history, growth and development

Monday24th November 2014 MA Correia_2 Maria Ana Correia

Diet reconstruction in Eastern Africa: refining subsistence strategies in the Rift Valley