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Actualité Houssenia Writing: Les humains se massacrent depuis 10 000 ans

Agora: Primera Guerra Prehistórica Entre Grupos De Cazadores Recolectores De Hace 10.000 Años, by David Benito

Ancient Origins: Earliest War Grave Found with 27 Slain People Dates Back 10,000 Years, by Mark Miller

Arstechnica: 10,000-year-old mass killing is still a mystery

Apex Tribune: Nataruk remains show 10,000 year old massacre, by Kevin Kopas

Arkeoskop: İnsanlık Tarihinin En Eski Savaş Kanıtı

Atlas Obscura: Found: Evidence of early violence between foraging humans, by Sarah Laskow

Kaynak Linki : Nature 封面故事: 远古时代人类群体内的暴力冲突


Capital News: Science sleuths lift veil on prehistoric mass murder, by Agence France Press

Christian Science Monitor: How old is warfare? Archeologists found clues of a prehistoric massacre, by Eva Botkin-Kowacki

CNET: A history of violence: World’s oldest massacre unearthed, by Michelle Starr Hunter-gatherers engaged in violence “very similar to war”, say Cambridge archaeologists examining brutal prehistoric massacre, by Ben Miller

Ecclesia Digital: Malos y salvajes, por Alfonso V. Carrascosa

Environmentalists Against War: Discovery of prehistoric massacre may point to origins of human warfare Il primo massacro di gruppo: 10.000 anni fa

Galileu: Arqueólogos encontram indícios de primeira guerra da humanidade

GizModo: Discovery of Brutal Massacre Pushes Back History of Human Warfare, by George Dvorsky

Grupo Formula: Arqueólogos estiman que existían guerras entre grupos nómadas Masacru preistoric în Kenya

History: Evidence of Prehistoric Massacre Could Extend Warfare Timeline, by Christopher Klein

Hominidé Une guerre préhistorique entre clans il y a 10 000 ans ? 

Human Evolution @ UCL: 10,000 year old Nataruk Skeletons show violence between Hunter-gatherer groups

IFLScience: Gruesome 10,000-Year-Old Tribal Warfare Site Excavated In Kenya, by Robin Andrews

I fucking love science: Ancient Massacre May Reveal Early Warfare, by Ian Stark

Kopalnia Masakra z wczesnego holocenu

Live Science: 10,000-Year-Old Battered Bones May Be Oldest Evidence of Human Warfare

Maxisciences: Le plus ancien massacre connu de l’histoire mis au jour au Kenya, by Paul Coudray Sleuths lift veil on pre-historic killings

MentalFloss: Oldest Evidence of Warfare Found in Kenya, by Shaunacy Ferro

Military History Now: The Nataruk Massacre – Pre-Historic Battleground Holds Clues to Earliest Human Conflicts

National Geographic, Spain: Hallan la evidencia más antigua de un conflicto humano

New Historian: Earliest Massacre in History Discovered,  by Daryl Worthington


OxTrekk: Natural born killers: is warfare in our bones?

PhysOrg: Evidence of a prehistoric massacre extends the history of warfare

PhysOrg: Hunter-gatherer massacre suggests groups of humans waged war earlier than we thought

PlayTech: Primul masacru din istorie dovedește că omul are violența în ADN

Popular Mechanics: 10,000-Year-Old Massacre Is the Earliest Example of Human Warfare, by Jay Bennett

Pour la Science: Embuscade au Paléolithique tardif, by François Savatier

Quartz: Are human beings innately violent? The oldest massacre ever discovered adds more proof

Raw Story: The earliest warriors: Human remains discovered from 10,000-year-old tribal battle

RedOrbit: 10,000-year-old smashed skull remains offer oldest evidence of human warfare, by Susanna Pilny

Region en Libertad: El mito del buen salvaje ha muerto, by Alfonso V Carrascosa

ScienceAlert: Humans have been massacring each other for at least 10,000 years, new evidence suggests, by Fiona MacDonald

ScienceDaily: Evidence of a prehistoric massacre extends the history of warfare

ScienceFocus: Grisly prehistoric massacre shows signs of first known war, by Alexander McNamara

ScienceRecorder: Brutal prehistory massacre is the earliest evidence of warfare, by Joseph Scalise

SciLogs: L’embuscade de Nataruk, où le clan Kâ faillit disparaîtreby François Savatier 27具1萬年前遺骸 揭露一個驚人的事實!(圖)

Social Evolution Forum:  On Slates and Tweets: A Reply to David Sloan Wilson on Ancient Warfare and the Blank Slate, by Michael Shermer

Space Battles.Com: An Ancient, Brutal Massacre May Be the Earliest Evidence of War

STGist: Does This Prehistoric Kenya Warfare Site Prove That Humans Are Innately Violent? by Maria Asuncion

Tech.News: 遠古人類的暴力!一萬年前屠殺犧牲者遺骨重見天日, by Joyce Chu

Tech Times: Stone Age Massacre In Kenya Earliest Evidence Of Warfare: Prehistoric Mass Murder Shows Attack Common Among Hunter Gatherers, by Rhodi Lee

The Atlantic: A Prehistoric Mass Grave Suggests Hunter-Gatherers Weren’t So Peaceful, by Cari Romm

The Standard Digital News: Shocking discovery in Turkana fuels debate on origins of war, by Wilfred Ayaga Science: This Discovery Shows Humans Have Been Killing Each Other for 10,000 Years, by Julia Zorthian

Value Walk: Remains Of Prehistoric Massacre Victims Uncovered In Kenya, by Vikas Shukla

WebTecno: Tarihin En Eski Savaşına Ait Kalıntılar Bulundu! Earliest evidence of human warfare unearthed in Kenyaby Emily Reynolds Kenya: découverte du plus vieux champ de bataille du monde

Yahoo! News: Prehistoric massacre in Kenya called oldest evidence of warfare

ZamanArabic: أين ومتى وقعت أول حرب في العالم؟