Projects in Morocco

Early Modern Human Behavior at Smugglers’ Cave, Morocco, Harold Dibble, Mohamed El Hajraoui, Utsav Schurmans and colleagues

Excavations at Temara & Dar-es Soltan, Andre Debenath and colleagues

Jebel Irhoud, Morocco: Excavation Project, Jean-Jacques Hublin, Abdelwahed Ben-ncer and colleagues

Maroc: Préhistoire et Protohistoire du Rif OrientalJosef Eiwanger

Morocco Caves Project: Early modern humans and the origins of symbolism in North Africa, Nick Barton, Abdeljalil Bouzougger and colleagues

Rhafas, Morocco: Excavation of a Middle Paleolithic Cave Site, Abdeljalil Bouzouggar, Jean-Jacques Hublin and colleagues



The Western Sahara ProjectNick Brooks and colleagues