Projects in Kenya

Excavations at Kanjera SouthTom Plummer and colleagues

Early Herding & Public Architecture in Northwest KenyaLisa Hildebrand and colleagues

Kilombe, John Gowlette and colleagues

Lake Victoria Prehistory Project, Christian Tryon, Daniel Peppe, J Tyler Faith, David Fox and colleagues

Olorgesailie: Life and Times of the Handaxe MakersRick Potts and colleagues

Refuge or Route Way? Stone Age Archaeology and Palaeoecology at the Headwaters of the Nile, Laura Basell

Taphonomy at Ol Pejeta, LaikipiaBriana Pobiner, Kris Kovarovic and colleagues

The Archaeology of Acephalous and Missing Communities in the African Archaeological RecordMatt Davies

The Arrival and Expansion of Pastoralist Economies on the Laikipia PlateauKathleen Ryan and colleagues

The Homa Peninsula Paleoanthropological Project (HPPP)Tom Plummer, Laura Bishop, Pete Ditchfield and colleagues

West Turkana Archaeological ProjectHelene Roche, Sonia Harmand and colleagues